Straightforward LED Lighting Solutions
Providing A Better Way to Light Your Space
Providing A Better Way to Light Your Space

Serving your lighting needs for over 40 years

We understand that everyone has unique lighting needs. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach or pushing a specific brand, we will sit down with you for a detailed discussion of your goals, application needs, tastes, and budget.  Our experts can advise you on how to minimize your costs with the perfect LED replacement.

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Customized LED Lighting Solutions 

Whether it’s on a machine, in an elevator, or for a parking lot, searching for LED lighting can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not even the end user.

There are thousands of lighting products to choose from and each has its own set of specifications and features. The terminology associated with LED lighting can be complicated and selecting the right solution can quickly become a drain on a project’s timeline and budget.  Many companies end up frustrated and overspend or select LED lighting that does not properly fit their needs.

Let Martek guide you in determining the best and most cost-efficient LED lighting solution for your unique application.

Experienced & COMMITTED

Martek has 40+ years of experience in the industry and while technology has evolved quite a bit, our commitment to quality and customer service hasn’t changed. We have access to an inventory of over 3.5 million lamps.  Our goal is to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Let’s Get Started

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to get the most cost-efficient lighting for your business, need to track down a rare replacement part, or simply have questions about the differences between popular LED brands, Martek can help. With competitive pricing, superior products and trusted service, we can supply everything you need for maximum ROI and minimal stress. To get started, call us today at 856-427-9411.

Our Clients are saying...
“I take care of one of the major bridges between NJ and NY; the last thing I need to be worrying about is changing light bulbs.  Someone came to my site, assessed my application and quickly made a recommendation.  The product was delivered within that same business week and saved me thousands of dollars in maintenance costs!”
“We are a distributor to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chains and Martek was able to manufacturer the perfect LED to meet our specific dimming and color temperature needs.  They made the process extremely easy and have been a pleasure to work with.”
“I have had a relationship with Martek for over 20 years.  As an electrical distributor, they are always available to help me in quoting the proper LED for my customers’ needs.  They ask the right questions and explain the differences in brands and give me the freedom to choose.”
“Martek came to my site and did a complete lighting assessment of areas that could benefit from LEDs.  They were honest about which areas we should focus on and followed up with specific product recommendations.  We have replaced the old fluorescent bulbs with LEDs and not only is our facility brighter and we are saving money, but my maintenance team is no longer spending hours replacing bulbs every week.  Thank you Martek!”
“We have hundreds of indicator bulbs within our electrical sub-station.  I called Martek and sent them a picture of the bulbs we were constantly replacing.  They were able to ship me the proper LED replacement that same day and now we have a product that lasts 100,000 hours instead of only 1,000 hours.”
"We needed to have Safety Coated bulbs at our restaurant ASAP (in order to pass a health inspection), and Martek made that happen.  I highly recommend them for their Safety Coating services!"